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Specific topic



Health services

·         Traditional birth attendants/hilot

·         Herbolarios/ traditional healers

·         Healthcare delivery in GIDA

·         Adolescent health

o    Teenage pregnancy

·         Improvement of maternal and child health

o    Risk assessment of maternal and child health

o    Evaluation of maternal and child health service delivery

o    Implementation of integrated management of childhood illnesses (IMCI)

o    Status of teenage pregnancy

o    Child health status from birth, preterm, low birth

·         Care for people with special needs

·         Factors affecting compliance to TB management

o    TB patients

o    Health workers (e.g. doctors, nurses, etc.)

·         Preparedness and response of the facilities for emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases

Address gaps in knowledge in service delivery for reproductive health, traditional medicines, and treatment of infectious diseases


Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

·         Evacuation/camp management for health

·         Health issues/diseases related to post-disaster

·         Climate change impact on health (e.g. meteorological data and illnesses)

·         Beliefs on disasters of indigenous peoples

·         Hospital safety and readiness in disaster management

·         Capability building among community on disaster risk management

Augment the region’s knowledge and capacity in terms of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation


Policy and governance

·         Review of policies on double compensation for government health professionals

·         Review of policies on rationalizing benefits of health researchers in academe

·         Salary scheme for health workers doing 24-hour duty

·         Effect of downgrading of LGU-owned hospitals

o    Unmet policy vis-à-vis current health facility situation

·         Hospital infection control policies

·         Feasibility study on establishing DOH-retained hospital per province

Review and assess different policies that affect quality of service delivery and human resources for health


Food safety and related diseases

·         Food safety concerns, practices, and implementation for establishments and ambulant vendors

·         Parasitic infections related to food and water

·         Drinking water sources and quality in relation to diarrheal diseases

Address knowledge gaps in food handling and related diseases


Models of rehabilitation

·         Effectiveness and applicability of models of rehabilitation

·         Health interventions for drug users (e.g. minors)

·         Substance abuse

·         Mentally ill

Determine efficient models of rehabilitation for treatment of patients of substance abuse and mental illness


Environmental health

·         Health hazards and effects of small-scale mining

·         Waste management

o    Healthcare waste management

o    Local technology development for disposal and treatment of hazardous waste materials of laboratories and hospitals

·         Public health risks brought by vector-borne diseases and zoonotic diseases

·         Environmental health assessments

·         Environmental sanitation and hygiene

o    Effects on emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases

·         Addressing occupational health hazards

o    Compensation

o    Policy

·         Compliance of hospitals to infection control

Address knowledge gap on environmental health focusing on environmental health hazards, zoonotic diseases, occupational health, and infection control



·         Awareness and prevention

·         Safe blood supply

Address knowledge gap in transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS


Lifestyle-related diseases

·         Risk factors among younger population

·         Lifestyle changes and its effect on health among business process outsourcing (BPOs)

·         Health and wellness among industry workers (e.g. farmers, fisherfolks, etc.)

Investigate lifestyle-related diseases in relation to industries and special populations


Human Resources for Health

·         Ratio of healthcare professionals to clientele (e.g. hospitals, communities) and its impacts on health care delivery

·         Multi-tasking efficiency vs. workload studies

·         Streamlining of health information systems and efficiency of health workers

·         Benefits/ hazard pay for responders with salary grade 19 and above

Review programs and interventions that affect human resources for health


Health information

·         Factors affecting timeliness of reporting of health data to DOH

·         Information systems development for health

Address knowledge gap in health informatics


Mental health and psychosocial intervention

·         Promoting mental and psychosocial health

·         Addressing gender issues

Address the gap in the promotion of mental and psychosocial health


Health financing

·         Mapping of appropriating funds for health

·         Impact of health insurance coverage to people’s health

·         Point-of-care implementation sustainability of PhilHealth benefits

Conduct studies on health financing particularly on health insurance


Health technology development

·         Ethnobotany of agroforestry species in ancestral domains and indigenous peoples’ communities

·         Natural products for medical use

o    Material science

·         Drug-discovery and development for endemic plant species

·         Invention of novel and/or innovative medical equipment

·         Food packaging

o    Ready-to-cook meals for emergencies

o    Storage

Develop technologies and innovations using local resources


Migration and health

·         Local migration

·         International migration implications

o    ASEAN integration

o    Travel-related diseases

o    Pandemics

·         Transboundary issues on health

Determine health issues brought by migration at the local and international level