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1.     Improvement of Maternal Health and Nutrition

a.     Assessment of the health status of women

b.    Assessment of the KAPs of women in their Perinatal Period

c.     Effectiveness of IEC materials on maternal health care

d.    Evaluation of the maternal health service delivery

2.     Improvement of Child Health and Nutrition

a.     Assessment of the Health Status of Children

b.    Assessment of Feeding Programs in Day Care Centers (3 -6 y/o)

c.     Infant Feeding Program

d.    Review and Analysis of the Existing BEmONC/ CEmONC in terms of Facilities, human resource expertise, usage and usefulness

e.     Compliance with EPI

f.     Evaluation of the Family Planning Program


1.     Prevention of Non-communicable Diseases

a.     Mental Health

b.    Lifestyle Diseases (diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases)

c.     Trauma and Injuries

2.     Prevention of Communicable Diseases

a.     STI & HIV


3.     Herbal in Various Forms

a.     Inventory of Herbal Plants in the Bicol Region(including pictures, location, parts of the plants used, common names and uses)

b.    Preparation and Utilization of Indigenous Herbs for Common Illnesses

c.     Dosage forms of herbal medicine

4.     Functional Foods

a.        Beneficial/Potential hazards of the following:  Malunggay, Ginger, Garlic, Yakon,

Cassava and  Siling Labuyo


1.     Environment and Climate Change

a.     Health effects of Climate Change among Vulnerable Groups (Elderly & Children)

Ø  Community Development

1.     Health and sanitary Practices Among residents of resettlement Areas

2.     Health Preparedness and Capabilities during Emergencies

Ø  Waste Management

1.     Level of Implementation of Local Ordinances on Waste Management

2.     Hospital Waste Management


Ø  Technology Development

1.     Techno Verification on _______for health use.

2.     Utilization and Production of Yakon Chips as Dietary Food Supplement

Ø  Knowledge Management

1.     Adoption of Health Data Base System in the Bicol Region

2.     Surveillance of Reported Infectious Diseases




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