Regional Research Fund (RRF) is viewed as a way to encourage beginning researchers to be actively involved in health research activities without having to compete with more experienced researchers. These RRF projects are intended to build up the capabilities of individual reserachers in designing, implementing and managing health research projects. 

Health Research Institutions and State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) which organize seminars, conferences, fora, and workshops for the dissemination of health researches aligned to the NUHRA may seek financial support.

Only researches funded by the Council which are accepted for oral presentation in local or international conferences can request for travel support.

Researches, either funded or not by the Council, which are accepted for publication in local or international peer-reviewed journals may request for publication support.

The Research Information, Communication, and Utilization Division of PCHRD supports projects and activities on research dissemination, including, but not limited to support to publication, paper presentation, and events.

PCHRD funds research proposals that are aligned with the research priority topics under the National Unified Health Research Agenda (NUHRA). NUHRA guides the health research sector on the health researches that address the most pressing health concerns of the country. NUHRA specifies the areas and topics that need to be addressed in the next five years, in line with global and national initiatives influencing the health sector. 

The BIOSHARE stands for Bicol One System for Health Research Environment Program which also aims to create an efficient system of health research in terms or reviewing and support to the research. 

The BICOL HEART stands for Bicol Health Research Training and Development Program which aims to create quality researches for funding and publication. Is is also poise to increase the number of health researchers and improve the researcher's confidence on conducting their research.