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Form 2

BCHRD-REC-F-2.10-Protocol Resubmission Form
BCHRD-REC-F-2.11-Certificate of Exemption from Review
BCHRD-REC-F-2.12-Certificate of Approval Form
BCHRD-REC-F-2.2-Application for Initial Review
BCHRD-REC-F-2.3-Study Protocol Assessment Form
BCHRD-REC-F-2.4-Informed Consent Assessment Form
BCHRD-REC-F-2.5A-ICF Template for Clinical Studies
BCHRD-REC-F-2.5B-ICF Template for Minors or Children
BCHRD-REC-F-2.5C-ICF Template for Surveys Interviesws and FGDs
BCHRD-REC-F-2.6-Appointment of Primary Reviewer Template
BCHRD-REC-F-2.7-Invitation to Independent Consultant Template
BCHRD-REC-F-2.8-Reviewers Disclosure of Conflict of Interest Form
BCHRD-REC-F-2.9-Notification of Decision Form
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