BCHRD ERC working towards Registration and Accreditation this 2014


The Ethics Review Committee ensures that the researches involving human participants conform to the ethical standards and principles towards respect for sanctity and dignity of man (PCHRD Annual Journal 2003). DOST Administrative Order 001 Series of 20018 states that research ethics registration is mandatory.

To be able to exercise their function fully the ERC of  BCHRD  is working towards the process of being registered/accredited. Two of the requirements to be complied are 1) the qualification of the composition of ERC, hence two of each members (Dr. Alvin Ogalesco and Ms Catherine Campillos) will undergo Basic Ethics Training on June 24, 25, 2014 and 2) finalization of the Standard Operating Procedures of the committee. The SOP being the output of the training in 2013 was initially submitted to the Philippine Health Ethics Review Board (PHREB).The suggestions are being incorporated.

Completion of the other documents need to the completed so that the target of being registered/accredited will be achieved.