The 1st quarterly monitoring project monitoring of the research “Characterization And Toxicological Evaluation of Guyabano (Annona muricata)  Leaves Extract” by Prof. Dennis Gogola and Carina Orden of Bicol University Tabaco Campus was undertaken by BCHRD on May 2014. The project monitoring were done by Ms. Marie Jeanne Berroya, Regional Director for Region5, Dr. Alma Banua the consortium director and Mr. Franco Velasco, Project Assistant of the consortium.

        The purpose of the monitoring is to ensure that project implementation is in accordance with what is stipulated in the Memorandum of Agreement and to resolve problem/s arising thereto if any.  It includes 1.) Field visit to Bicol University Tabaco Campus, and 2) Review of the technical progress reports submitted by the proponent.

     The researchers presented the accomplishments during the 1st quarter, together with the problems encountered in the implementation of the project. A number of recommendations were forwarded that focused on the facilities for the experimental animals, seeking approval of the research from the Institutional Care and Animal Use Committee and the need for additional financial resources for the cages of the experimental animals.

       Dean Plutomeo Nieves of BUTC who is an active researcher himself supported the recommendations in particular the provision of financial assistance to the project.