The Philippine Statistical System (PSS) through the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) issues the 14th National Convention on Statistics (NCS) Bulletin No. 1 – Call for Papers for the 14th NCS. The 14th NCS, which will be held on 01-03 October 2019, will feature plenary sessions, invited/contributed paper sessions, poster sessions, panel discussions, statistical trainings (e.g., Stata, Infographics, Data Analytics), and the Statistical Information Management Exhibit (SIMEx).

Statisticians, statistical practitioners, researchers, academicians, students, and the media from both the government and private sector will once again gather for this triennial event to present and discuss recent theoretical developments in the field of statistics as well as innovations in official statistics geared towards the development of the PSS.

The 14th NCS will coincide with the Opening Ceremony of the 30th National Statistics Month (NSM) in October 2019.

The PSS is now inviting interested paper presenters for the 14th NCS to submit papers on the following initial topics:

  1. Statistical Theory and Methodology
  • Computational Statistics
  • Econometrics
  • Small Area Estimation
  • Statistical Quality Control
  • Time Series Analysis
  1. Innovations and Improving Business Processes
  • Data Revolution: Big Data, Open Data, Non-Official Data, Citizen-Generated Data, Big Earth Data
  • Use of Administrative Data
  • Use of Technology in Data Collection, Dissemination, and Data Preservation
  1. Statistical Applications
  • Business Intelligence
  • Decision Analysis and Risk Management
  • Insurance Statistics
  • Mapping, Data Visualization, and Analytics
  • Market Research
  1. Economic Statistics
  • Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry Statistics
  • Banking and Finance Statistics
  • Economic Progress
  • Financial Education and Financial Inclusion
  • Industry 4.0 / Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Industry, Trade, and Investment Statistics
  • Information Society Statistics
  • Labor, Employment, and Productivity Statistics
  • Leading Economic Statistics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Price Statistics and Inflation
  • Statistics on Colored Economies: White, Black, Brown, Grey, Blue, Green
  • Statistics on New Economies: Digital, Sharing, Gig
  • Science, Technology, and Innovation Statistics
  • Tourism Statistics
  • Transport Statistics
  1. Demographic and Social Statistics
  • Basic Sectors (Senior Citizens, Persons with Disability, and Indigenous Peoples)
  • Child and Youth Development Indicators
  • Civil Registration and Vital Statistics
  • Demographic Statistics
  • Education Statistics (Higher Education, K to 12, and TVET)
  • Gender Statistics
  • Health and Nutrition Statistics
  • Housing Statistics
  • Hunger Statistics
  • Informal Sector Statistics
  • Population and Migration Statistics
  • Peace, Justice, and Security Statistics
  • Poverty Statistics
  • Social Protection Statistics
  1. Multi-Sectoral Statistics/Other Concerns
  • Careers in Statistics
  • Data Privacy, Confidentiality, and Protection
  • Governance Statistics
  • Innovations in Official Statistics
  • Local-Level Statistics
  • Quality Assurance Framework
  • Spatial Analysis/Geoinformation Systems
  • Statistical Capacity Building and Statistical Network
  • Statistical Indicators for Philippine Development
  • Statistical Literacy
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  1. Biostatistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Statistical Methods in Genetics and Bioinformatics
  1. Sustainability, Environment, and Energy
  • Disaster Statistics
  • Energy, Gas, and Water Statistics
  • Environment Accounts
  • Statistics on Environmental Sustainability

Interested paper presenters must submit the title of the paper together with the abstract not later than 03 June 2019. The 14th NCS Secretariat will send the notice of acceptance/non-acceptance through email by 28 June 2019. The deadline for submission of the manuscripts is on 16 August 2019. Updates and guidelines on the sessions, topics and paper format, among others, will soon be posted on the NCS website at