Last March 16, 2018, the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development marks its 36th Anniversary. The theme of the said event was "RESEARCH ON SOCIAL INNOVATIONS IN HEALTH" that highlights good social innovation practices in health.

As partner of PCHRD, BCHRD was invited to attend one of the Parallel Session, "Engaged: Communicating Health Research in Everyday Language". The consortiums representative to the said session was Dr. Ma. Teresa De Alban (RICUC Chair) and Mr. Jay-R Reonal (Ricuc Secretariat) as health research communicators of the region.

The session tackles communication practices and strategies on how the regions promote its health research to the community. One of the topic explains the importance of building trust in the audience, that it should be a verified facts. The topic on Website Content Management also shares their experience on prototyping, testing and implementing a website, and the importance of it. Another topic has been discussed on "how can we manage social media accounts effectively" and lastly the topics on the "dos and dont's in implementing effective communication plan". At the middle of the session PCHRD presented the new criteria for the Best Consortium Website.

As region's health communicators. It strengthen the consortium's plan on disseminating the good effect of health research in the region. The consortium now commits on continuing sharing health research in the region. There is a saying "SHARING IS CARING".