PCHRD funds research proposals that are aligned with the research priority topics under the National Unified Health Research Agenda (NUHRA). NUHRA guides the health research sector on the health researches that address the most pressing health concerns of the country. NUHRA specifies the areas and topics that need to be addressed in the next five years, in line with global and national initiatives influencing the health sector. 

What proposals may qualify 
PCHRD supports research initiatives under the Global Competitiveness and Innovation in Health priority of NUHRA. This includes studies on:

A. Diagnostics
B. Tuklas Lunas (Drug Discovery and Development)
C. Functional Foods
D. Hospital Equipment and Biomedical Devices
E. Information and Communication Technology for Health
F. Dengue and other Arboviruses
G. Disaster Risk Reduction
H. Climate Change Adaptation
I. OMIC Technologies for Health (Platform Technology Across Research Priorities) . 

Who may apply
Filipinos with at least a Master’s Degree in a relevant field, have proven research competence/track record, and employed in universities/colleges, research agencies/institutes, hospitals, and other health related agencies are eligible to apply for the research grant. 


The proponent should submit the following requirements online through the PCHRD Project Management System:

  • Letter of Request/Intent address to: 
    The Executive Director 
    Philippine Council for Health Research and Development 
    Department of Science and Technology 
    Saliksik Bldg. 
    Gen. Santos Avenue 
    Bicutan, Taguig City, Metro Manila
  • Project Proposal following the PCHRD Detailed Proposal Form
  • Endorsement of Agency Head
  • Workplan Schedule (Ghantt Chart of Activities)
  • Proposed Line-Item Budget (LIB)
  • Counterpart Funding of Implementing Agency
  • Curriculum Vitae of Proponent(s)
  • Duties and Responsibilities of each Project Personnel
  • Biosafety Clearance, if applicable
  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Clearance, if applicable
  • Ethics Clearance (for studies involving human subjects)
  • Informed Consent Form
  • Case Report Form, if applicable