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The DOST-PCHRD in cooperation with BCHRD, AIHO and HealthDev conducts Regional Consultation for NUHRA 2017-2022 last May 10-11, 2016 at the Hotel Venezia, Legazpi City. The said consultation was participated with twenty-nine (29) representatives and stakeholders both in public and private academic and government agencies. The two-day consultation aimed to repackage the Regional Unified Health Research Agenda aligned with the current needs of the region in terms of health.

The said consultation had series of activities and plenary sessions to come up with the RUHRA. At the end of the 2-day activity, the participants agreed on the research areas which will be used as guide for health and health-related researches for the next six years. The research areas are as follows:


Bicol Health Research Agenda

Health Services

1.      Traditional birth attendants/hilot

2.      Herbolarios/ traditional healers

3.      Healthcare delivery in GIDA

4.      Adolescent health (i.e. teenage pregnancy)

5.      Improvement of maternal and child health

a.      Risk assessment of maternal and child health

b.      Evaluation of maternal and child health service delivery

c.       Implementation of integrated management of childhood illnesses (IMCI)

d.      Status of teenage pregnancy

6.      Care for people with special needs

7.      Factors affecting compliance to TB management

a.      TB patients

b.      Health workers (e.g. doctors, nurses, etc.)

8.      Preparedness and response of the facilities for emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases

Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

1.      Evacuation/camp management for health

2.      Health issues/diseases related to post-disaster

3.      Climate change impact on health (i.e. meteorological data and illnesses)

4.      Beliefs on disasters of indigenous peoples

5.      Hospital safety and readiness in disaster management

6.      Capability building among community on disaster risk management

Policy and governance

1.      Policy on double compensation for government health professionals

2.      Policy on rationalizing benefits of health researchers in academe

3.      Salary scheme for health workers doing 24-hour duty

4.      Effect of downgrading of LGU-owned hospitals

a.      Unmet policy vis-à-vis current health facility situation

5.      Hospital infection control policies

6.      Feasibility study on establishing DOH-retained hospital per province

a.      Child health status (From birth, preterm, low birth)

Food Safety and Related Diseases

1.      Food safety concerns, practices, and implementation for establishments and ambulant vendors

2.      Parasitic infections related to food and water

3.      Drinking water sources and quality in relation to diarrheal diseases

Models of rehabilitation

1.      Effectiveness and applicability of models of rehabilitation

2.      Health interventions for drug users (i.e. minors)

3.      Substance abuse

4.      Mentally- ill

Environmental Health

1.      Health hazards and effects of small-scale mining

2.      Waste management

a.      Healthcare waste management

b.      Local technology development for disposal and treatment of hazardous waste materials of laboratories and hospitals

3.      Public health risks brought by vector-borne diseases and zoonotic diseases

4.      Environmental health assessments

5.      Environmental sanitation and hygiene (i.e. its effects on emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases)

6.      Addressing occupational health hazards (i.e. compensation, policy)

7.      Compliance of hospitals to infection control


1.      Awareness and prevention

2.      Safe blood supply

Lifestyle-related diseases

1.      Risk factors among younger population

2.      Lifestyle changes and its effect on health among business process outsourcing (BPOs)

3.      Health and wellness among industry workers (e.g. farmers, fisherfolks, etc.)

Human Resources for Health

1.      Ratio of healthcare professionals to clientele (e.g. hospitals, communities) and its impacts of health care delivery

2.      Multi-tasking efficiency vs. workload studies

3.      Streamlining of health information systems and efficiency of health workers

4.      Benefits/ hazard pay for responders with salary grade 19 and above

Health Information

1.      Factors affecting timeliness of reporting of health data to DOH

2.      Information systems development for health

Mental health and psychosocial intervention

1.      Promoting mental and psychosocial health

2.      Addressing gender issues


Health Financing

1.      Mapping of appropriating funds for health (e.g. health research)

2.      Impact of health insurance coverage to people’s health

3.      Point-of-care implementation sustainability of PhilHealth benefits

Health Technology Development

1.      Ethnobotany of agroforestry species in ancestral domains/ indigenous peoples communities

2.      Natural products for medical use (i.e. material science)

3.      Drug-discovery and development (i.e. endemic plant species)

4.      Invention of novel and/or innovative medical equipment

Migration and Health

1.      Local migration

2.      International migration implications (e.g. ASEAN integration, travel-related diseases, pandemics, etc.)

3.      Transboundary issues on health


q Completed and signed Checklist for Applicants

q BCHRD-REC Application Form

q Six (6) copies of the final protocol or amendments (when applicable)

q Six copies of Participant Information Sheet for each group of participants involved in the study

q Six (6) copies of Informed Consent Form for each group of participants involved in the study (written in

    English and Filipino or dialect spoken and understood by research participants)

q Curriculum vitae of project investigator(s)


q All Validated Questionnaires to be used as part of the study

q Researcher designed Questionnaires

q Focus Group Topic Guide

q Evidence of approval from other ethics committees (where relevant)

F For revised applications:

q Always submit a covering letter outlining the changes that have been made

qEnsure amended documents have been labelled as such and have been updated with a new version number and date in the footer of the document


Download the forms here:


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