In the wake of the fairly recent Dengvaxia vaccine fiasco, wherein more than 800,000 Philippine school children were supposed to receive protection from the dreaded dengue disease, Filipinos are still looking for medicinal solutions against dengue, a disease which until now does not have a cure.

You’re not even a vegetarian or a vegan — but your doctor advised you to cut out the heavy red meats from your diet and heap up on the veggies. What to do?

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study which revealed that children who eat lots of fish are more likely to achieve better cognitive performance and sleep better than those who hardly or never eat at all. These findings were taken from data involving 514 children aged 12 years old.

The lowly “talbos ng kamote” or “sweet potato leaves” is a kind of plant (scientifically called Ipomoea Batatas) that we always see growing in vacant lots and on the roadside anywhere we go in the Philippines. It grows all year round and doesn’t need that much maintenance because it grows wild most of the time.